Ural’s Retro ‘From Russia With Love’ Sidecar Moto Pays Homage To Bond

Ural’s vintage-styled motorcycles and sidecars have always assumed a nostalgic persona, especially when they’re fashioned after some of history’s most iconic film-inspired variants. The company’s latest limited-edition project, the FRWL, is a perfect example of timeless tribute; obtaining its espionage-imbued identity from one of Bond’s most lauded cinematic endeavors.

Ural’s “From Russia With Love” edition is an embodiment of the mystique and allure that surrounds the international super-spy. Harkening back to the beautiful iconography of the 1960s, this vintage, 749cc variant boasts an OHV air-cooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke boxer engine and a manual double-disc clutch system that prioritizes user input above all else. It features a performance-oriented, double-sided swingarm that’s been outfitted with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers, and a sidecar, which relies on a similar single-sided system supported by yet another Sachs-gifted hydraulic variant. At its front, a powerful four-piston Brembo caliper pairs with a 295mm floating NG rotor and robust Duro HF-308 tire, accenting an HB big bore, single-piston brake at the rear. Like many of the era’s notable pairings, the Ural FRWL uses a combination of luxurious diamond-stitch upholstery, black vinyl, and chrome to set itself apart, while interesting additions like a clock-imbued dashboard, proprietary luggage rack, and low-profile windshield round out the bike. Only 35 of these nostalgic platforms are slated for production, so head over to Ural’s website to secure yours for $20,000.

Purchase: $20,000