Ural Dark Force Motorcycle

With a name like Dark Force, you’d expect this motorcycle to be Darth Vader or Batman’s ride. However, this Ural Motorcycle isn’t used by either man of the dark.

It was, however, inspired by Star Wars. It’s entirely blacked out, excluding safety lights and reflectors, and it comes with a sidecar that is also entirely blacked out. In fact, it has a black ceramic coated exhaust and engine that helps to create the aesthetic. The cycle uses high-visibility LED lightning, Brembo brakes, and there’s even a custom mount for a Lightsaber, which comes with every purchase. It pushes out 41 horsepower from a 749cc engine, and it even has 2.9 cu ft. of storage space, thanks to the waterproof trunk on the sidecar. There are only 25 limited editions manufactured, and it’s only available in the U.S. market. It’s available now for $15,000. [Purchase]

Ural Dark Force Motorcycle 2

Ural Dark Force Motorcycle 3

Ural Dark Force Motorcycle 4