Ural Boxer “Diablo” by K-Speed

For most bike builders, putting together a bike without any fenders is a recipe for criticism, though for some reason we doubt the team over at K-Speed in Thailand cares about what anyone else thinks. As evident from their newest build, dubbed Diablo, they decided to make the Ural great again, by mainly stripping it down to the bare essentials.

To be exact, Diablo began as an early ‘80s knockoff of a Ural boxer they found in a junkyard. Needless to say, it needed some work. Luckily the boxer engine – its main appeal – was still in somewhat working order. They began by removing the subframe, replacing it with a single tube support for the almost levitating seat. They also managed to tuck a little taillight in there as well. The fuel tank is from an old Kawasaki TL as are the handlebars, and now features a set of Biltwell grips along with new controls and switches. Shorter YSS shocks were also added to Diablo, as to lower the overall stance of the bike. A new set of mufflers were added to the engine, along with a set of 19” trial tires to bring everything home. Yet another fantastic performance by the Bangkok-based builder. [H/T: Bike Exif]

Ural Boxer Diablo by K-Speed 2

Ural Boxer Diablo by K-Speed 3

Ural Boxer Diablo by K-Speed 4

Ural Boxer Diablo by K-Speed 5

Ural Boxer Diablo by K-Speed 1