Ural All-Electric Prototype Sidecar Motorcycle

At this point, we’ve seen brands build superbikes, dirt bikes, cafe racers, and more, all embracing the future that is the electric powertrain. In fact, the one electric vehicle we haven’t come across yet is the sidecar motorcycle. But, today, that void has been filled thanks to Ural and their All-Electric Prototype.

As we’ve come to expect from Ural, despite the swapping of a gas engine for an electric one, this bike is a stone cold stunner — beautiful from any angle. And it boasts a lot of the same features we’ve seen in their other bikes, including a spacious single-rider sidecar with extra onboard storage, on-point styling (including handsome leather upholstery), and more. Of course, the difference can be found beneath the driver’s seat, in the form of an air-cooled brushless Z-Force 75-7 motor mated to a pair of power packs good for a combined 19.5kWh peak power. That system gives this bike a respectable 60-horsepower, 81 ft-lb of torque, and a maximum range of 103 miles. It’s still in the beginning stages but we expect to see this thing head to market in the near future.

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