Mattel’s Legendary Uno Card Game Is Getting A Minimalist Design Update

No matter how digital our world becomes, there are some things that will always stay physical to some degree. Board games — especially the family- and friend-focused ones — are one such example. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune from necessary quality-of-life and/or stylistic updates. And that’s something Mattel seems privy to, as they’re slated to release a beautiful upgrade to one of their most popular card games of all time.

Originally released in 1971, Uno has been a family game night staple for generations now. However, this new edition — called Uno Minimalista — takes the classic game in a more design-centric direction. Stripped down to its barest design essentials by designer Warleson Oliveira, this new take cleans up the cards to create a much more eye-pleasing look than ever before. What’s even more interesting, however, is that Oliveira didn’t even design this at the behest of Mattel. Rather, it picked up steam online enough that Mattel took notice and decided to actually produce it. Available soon, this new cleaned-up take on everyone’s favorite color-based card game will be priced at roughly $10 a deck.

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