This Motorized Kit Turns Any Deck Into A 26mph All-Electric Skateboard

In today’s world, there’s no shortage of electric skateboards on the market, though it can sometimes be tricky to find a boosted board in the style and configuration of your preference. Enter; the Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit, a simple DIY kit that can turn almost any deck (33-inches or longer) into a motorized complete.

The kit is offered in three different specs: Solo, Cruiser, and Race — the latter of which is the most powerful and boasts two motors compared to the other two model’s one. Te Race kit also affords a 26mph top speed, 13-mile range, four separate ride modes, and the ability to climb a 20-percent gradient, all while tipping the scales at under 10lbs. The kits are comprised of (hub) motors, batteries, wheels and bearings, a truck, and a carbon fiber plate. In addition to the kits, Unlimited also sells several turn-key motorized skateboards for those with an aversion to DIY offerings.

Purchase: $1,349