Safeguard Your Home & Family With A Loyal United Protection Dog

Man’s best friend is cuddly and cute, but they can also be trained to be just as lethal as John Wick. United Protection Dogs trains canines to be your loyal guardians, so you can have reliable back-up security at your home to set your mind at ease.

The dog training is tailored to meet your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you need a vicious attack dog or a composed family guardian, United Protection Dogs has you covered. Each dog is coached at the trainer’s home for quality performance and a smooth transition to your abode once the process is complete. Once you’re matched with a canine companion, the dog will be immersed in realistic situations designed to mimic your lifestyle. These well-mannered guardians with loving demeanors will defend you with their crushing bite, while still making excellent friendly companions. There are several German Shepherds available right now, starting at $45,000.

Purchase: $45,000+