M48 Kommando Tactical Survival Hammer

When the going gets tough – tough enough to get smashing that is – there’s the M48 Kommando Tactical Survival Hammer. This thing is as survival-ready as can be, outfitted for anything from hiking to camping to trekking through a post-apocalyptic world crushing zombies as they come at you. Just be sure to keep it by your side at all times, for it’d be a shame if one of your adversaries got a hold of it.

Built out by United Cutlery, this lengthy staff/hammer/crushing device measuring in at just over 37-inches in length is made from 2Cr13 stainless steel. The piece also features a black oxide-coated head for ultimate pummeling power with a hammer and curved black spike at the end. Use it for breaching, defense, or as a simple walking cane through the backcountry. It’s made from 30 percent fiberglass for enhanced durability and boasts a rubber toe at the end for traction in less than desirable areas. Available now for $74. [Purchase]