This Snowboarding Helmet Comes With Removable Hi-Fi Headphones

With winter fast approaching, it’s about time to get your mountain-oriented gear out of the shed. The promise of powder and fun-filled descents are at the forefront of everyone’s minds when it comes to the season’s greatest leisure-time activities, and thanks to UNIT 1’s new-and-improved ski/snowboard helmet, things are about to get even more memorable.

Taking on one of your favorite slopes is an awe-inspiring experience, regardless of your gear; but with UNIT 1, you’ll be able to shred the hillside in style, while still adhering to standards set forth by ASTM 2040 and EN 1077B. To achieve this, each great-looking model is fashioned with an ABS hard-shell and EPS liner, providing the utmost protection for riders as they make their daily descent. But what makes the ski/snowboarding helmet so special isn’t its protective qualities, it’s the implementation of a high-fidelity, glove-friendly headphone/audio system, allowing wearers to listen to their favorite tracks, playlists, or audiobooks as they rip down the mountain. These detachable peripherals provide complete immersion, or situational awareness — depending on their setup — and can also act as a walkie talkie system for friends, giving riders a unique way to stay in touch over the course of the day. They’re sweat/splash resistant, boast a variety of different customization options, and bring 16-hours of battery life to the table for interested parties. Head to the UNIT 1 website to pick up a pair for just $300.

Purchase: $300