Unihertz’s Jelly 2 Is The World’s Smallest 4G Android 10 Smartphone

Unihertz dove into the smartphone sector in 2017 with its original Jelly smartphone, before following its inaugural item up with the Atom model in 2018, the Titan 2019, and the Atom XL in 2020. After receiving collectively almost $4M from some 30,000 backers across its first four campaigns, the Shanghai-based outfit has announced its return with a fifth generation of pint-sized smartphone in the form of the all-new Jelly 2.

4G compatible and running Android 10, the Jelly 2 now features fingerprint unlocking and can accommodate two SIM cards and a MicroSD card. Because it runs Android 10, it affords access to the platform’s enormous marketplace and app selection. Compared to its predecessor, the Jelly 2 offers superior resolution at 480 x 854, a sharper display at 326ppi, and a larger 3” screen. The battery’s also bigger, now boasting a 2,000mAh cell and it has upgraded GPS, plus it now offers near field communication compatibility. Furthermore, the phone has infrared support, so it can also be utilized as a universal remote for TVs or receivers, while the back of the camera packs a 16MP camera, and the front’s equipped with an 8MP front-facing unit. The Jelly 2 is available now through its Kickstarter campaign starting at $159 — a $40 discount from its eventual retail price.

Kickstarter: $159+