This Desktop Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet Packs 50 Built-In Video Game Classics

The Neo Geo MVS — or “Multi Video System” — was originally released in 1990 by the SNK Corporation as a coin-operated arcade game that offered half-a-dozen different cartridges (games) within the self-contained cabinet. Some three decades after its initial release, the Japanese brand has now revealed a modern incarnation of the Multi Video System with the Unico Neo Geo MVSX.

Standing at 4.75’ (or 57”), the full-size cabinet is modeled after the originally early ‘90s arcade rig and boasts a 17” 1280×1024 resolution, LCD display as well as a standard multiplayer old-school joystick and six-button control setup. Rather than offering six games like the original arcade cabinet, the new MVSX comes loaded with a whopping 50 video game titles — including a slew of iconic arcade classics like Metal Slug (1 through 6), Samurai Shodown (also 1 through 6), King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Shock Troopers, and Top Player’s Golf just to name a few. Furthermore, all 50 of the home cabinet’s titles can be played in AES or MVS (arcade or home) modes. The Unico Neo Geo MVSX Home Arcade Cabinet starts at $450 for the arcade game, with the 32” base costing an additional $100. Both are also sold together for an even $500.

Purchase: $450+