This Solar-Assisted 6×6 Expedition Vehicle Can Even Haul A Side-By-Side

If you want to load your family and/or friends into one of the most capable adventure vehicles in the world, you can’t simply go down to the local RV dealership and find what you need. Rather, you’ll want to seek out an outfit like the folks at Germany’s Unicat — who just happen to have unveiled a brand-spanking-new, fully-featured 5-person expedition rig called the Unicat MD56c 6×6.

To call this MAN TGS-based 6×6 expedition vehicle monolithic might be an understatement. After all, it’s a rig so massive and capable, it can even haul a full-sized side-by-side ATV on its rear-end lift during transport. That size also translates to an interior spacious enough for up to five full-grown adults — including a kitchenette, bathroom with a shower, dining area, and a separate sleeping space — all supported by a solar panel array on the roof. What’s even better is that its 540hp engine is fed by a 264-gallon gas tank good for a whopping 2,050 miles of travel between fill-ups. If you want to travel to the darkest corners of the world in complete comfort, the $1.5 million Unicat MD56c 6×6 will get you there and back again and will always be ready for more.

Purchase: $1,500,000+