UNDONE Honors SpaceX’s Dragon V2 With The ‘Space Xplorer’ Watch

In 2014, SpaceX‘s Dragon V2 made its spectacular debut on the global stage, captivating onlookers with a successive platform that would eventually phase out the company’s original Dragon cargo spacecraft. Six years later, we’ve been treated to a handful of new concepts, evolutions, and innovations from Elon Musk’s aerospace-savvy company, resulting in more “SpaceX-inspired” gear than we can wrap our heads around — the latest being UNDONE’s futuristic “Space Xplorer” watch.

Paying homage to the Dragon V2, as well as the crew’s newly-introduced space suits (revealed only months ago), UNDONE has incorporated a plethora of SpaceX-inspired details that tap into company’s science-fiction-like persona. The Space Xplorer watch utilizes several notable design traits of the Dragon V2 capsule, including a subtle grey dial ring, white, oblong indices, and three uniquely-shaped hands that reference the shuttle’s windows, features, and components. Alongside its numerous harkenings, the watch also features a unique minute hand that references a gravitational slingshot, and an inscription of Musk’s Iain Banks tribute, “Of Course I Still Love You,” on its hermetically-sealed caseback. Only 300 examples of the Space Xplorer watch will be released, so head to UNDONE’s website to pick up one of your own for $360.

Purchase: $360