The Underground ‘Plan B’ House Is A Design-Savvy Doomsday Bunker

Jul 7, 2020

Category: Living

We’ve all got our preconceived notions about what an underground bunker should be, how it should look, and what it might entail. Admittedly, it’s a bleak illustration, with brutalist design, minimalistic, and rudimentary appliances, and a cold, uncomfortable feeling that would certainly deter us from wanting to spend any significant amount of time inside. Fortunately, that didn’t sit well with Sergey Makhno Architects.

To prove once and for all that an underground doomsday bunker can be suave, chic, and full of intricate character, the architecture firm has revealed the Underground House “Plan B” — an amalgamation of Bond villain-esque principle and contemporary design elements. Below the home’s helipad-adorned exterior, denizens find their way to the below-surface living quarter, traversing a series of steps until they reside 15-meters within the earth. Once there, an expansive 24,500 square-feet of interior space becomes available. Courtesy of the dwelling’s cinema, library, swimming pool, gym, bedrooms, bathrooms, and socialization areas, up to three families can thrive within. There’s even a water treatment system, a supplementary well, a generator, and an indoor greenhouse to provide sustenance as you ride out the end of days. Head to Sergey Makhno’s website to learn more about the well-outfitted dwelling.

Learn More: Behance

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