Under-The-Jack Laptop Bag

When it comes to taking your laptop with you on the go, it’s likely that you usually throw it in a side carrying bag or in a backpack specifically built for carrying laptops. But if you’re looking to slim down your haul and carry just the laptop, the Under-The-Jack Laptop Bag might be for yoou.

It’s an ultra slim carrier that you can wear under your jacket or hoodie, allowing you to carry your PC without drawing attention to yourself. The bag is available in two sizes, one that fits a 13″ laptop and another for a 15″. The backside has padding and there are adjustable shoulder straps to provide comfort while you’re wearing it. It also has two zippered compartments. Using this bag will not only allow you to keep your friends free during your commute, but it’ll also help to keep your device safe from any unwanted attention.

It’s available now for $61 through the BetaBrand online store.

Under-The-Jack Laptop Bag 2

Under-The-Jack Laptop Bag 3

Under-The-Jack Laptop Bag 4

Under-The-Jack Laptop Bag 5