Under Armour Is Making High-Tech Spacesuits For Virgin Galactic

From NASA to SpaceX, it seems like the recently-popular goal of colonizing the solar system is blasting us straight into a new Space Age. And while much of it is focused on the future of humanity and resource acquisition, the folks at Virgin Galactic are taking a decidedly more tourist-friendly approach. Now they’ve taken the next big step forward by contracting Under Armour to craft and create a Spacewear System for their crews and customers.

As you might expect, the result of the project is both sleek and futuristic — hinging on an innovative layering system. The first layer is comprised of a base layer that acts as a second skin, complete with Intelliknit fabric for total moisture and temperature management. Atop that base later, UA has crafted a jumpsuit built from UA Clone (a proprietary auxetic material designed to precisely fit the body of the wearer); Tencel Luxe, SpinIt, and Nomex (for temperature and moisture regulation); and more. And the whole kit is finished off with a pair of lightweight, adaptive, fire-retardant boots for comfort and precision both in normal gravity and zero-g. If this is what going to space looks like, sign us up.

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