The Clone Blur Is Under Armour’s Most Innovative Football Cleat Ever

American Football is undeniably a game of speed. Whether on offense, defense, or special teams, the ability to get ahold of and move the ball with quickness and agility is what wins games. It’s with these ever-important factors in mind that Under Armour has introduced its most innovative cleat to date, the Clone Blur.

Of course, the sport isn’t just about running in a straight line; it’s about sprints, stops, spins, and various other stop-start actions. And that’s where the Clone Blur excels, as it’s equipped with auxetic materials, a CompFit collar, high-rebound SuperFoam insoles, primary and secondary cleats, and strategic reinforcements. Together, these features are all crafted to offer a spot-on, comfortable fit that allows for multi-directional movements with laser precision, “razor-sharp cuts & explosive acceleration,” and (of course) unmatched speed on the gridiron. In the simplest terms, these cleats are a game-changer. And they’re available to players around the world now for $200 a pair.

Purchase: $200