Uncharted Supply Co. SEVENTY2 Survival Kit

Total preparedness is an excellent goal, but it’s not necessarily an easy one to achieve. Between contingency planning and gear roundup, it’s too easy to forget important things. So, rather than putting together your own bug-out bag or emergency pack, pick up the SEVENTY2 from Uncharted Supply Co. That way, you can focus elsewhere, like on developing a failsafe crisis plan.

They’ve stuffed more than 30 items into this comprehensive kit to get you through the first 72 hours of any emergency situation. All the gear you need in order to survive – a first aid kit, lighters, a flashlight, a fixed-blade knife, and literally dozens more – Uncharted has incorporated. You can even dismantle and repurpose the pack’s military-grade shell into snow shoes or braces. And inexperienced users can walk themselves through with the pack’s included easy-to-understand instructions. Plus, it’s so air-tight you can use it as a floatation device – thanks to the waterproof 600D tarpaulin roll-top bag in which it comes. This impressive complete survival pack will retail for $330. [Purchase]

Uncharted Supply Co SEVENTY2 Survival Kit 01