Umbra Pop Up Pet Tent

Umbra Pop Up Pet Tent (2)

Umbra Pop Up Pent Tent We’ve made sure that you stay up to on all of the current trends in camping tents, but what about old Fido? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well. Introducing the Umbra Pop Up Pet Tent.

The pet tent is available in three different sizes ensuring that your pooch will comfortable no matter how big or small they are. Use the portable house as a car containment system, or even an actual camping tent for your next outdoor adventure. The ultra lightweight material, claw proof mesh windows, and umbrella like assembly mechanics make this thing ultra convenient to take anywhere, not to mention the messenger bag included with the tent. If it’s raining outside, simply place the orange awning right over the top of the tent for protection from the outside weather conditions. A front porch, and 3 inch air mattress provide comfort and optimum air circulation for your pet pal.

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Umbra Pop Up Pent Tent