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This UVMASK Filters In-Air Particulates 10x Faster Than You Can Breathe

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The evolution of the reusable face mask is upon us, and due to complications with the spread of COVID, and the shortage of traditional, medically-approved protective equipment, the stage is set for a company to introduce something truly innovative. That company just so happens to be UM Systems — a small optical/biotech company from Colorado that’s brought its most recent project, the cutting-edge UVMASK, to market.

The UM Systems UVMASK provides unparalleled protection to wearers, but not in a way that you’d traditionally expect. To promote the disruption and filtration of in-air particulates, the mask calls upon the market’s most powerful UV-C purification technology, working in tandem with practical, patent-pending Sterile-Vortex protection to filter 99.9% of air up to ten-times faster than you can breathe. This all comes courtesy of the mask’s integrated 25,000μW/cm2 UV-C LEDs, which offer two dependable layers of high-efficiency protection against things like pollutants, pollen, tobacco, bushfire smoke, and dust. And the best part? You’ll be able to don the UVMASK for up to six hours of continuous use, thanks to its rechargeable battery system, premium hard-shell construction, and skin-friendly silicone composition. Head to UM Systems’ Kickstarter to secure one of your own for $99 and up.

Kickstarter: $99+