Ultimate Tool Cabinet by Benchmark

Jan 25, 2019

Category: Living

Just like with candlemakers, blacksmiths, and Blockbuster movie associates, you don’t hear about many people being cabinetmakers these days. But perhaps that would change if the job came with this lavishly elegant tool cabinet. Handmade by Benchmark, this set features an extensive selection of tools, all housed in a walnut and burr walnut cabinet with rippled sycamore dovetailed drawers. The whole thing is almost too pretty to use… which sounds like a really good excuse if never get around to actually doing any work with it.

Of course the set includes all the hammers and screwdrivers you need, but along with the marking and measuring tools, there’s also a set of Ashley Iles chisels, planes and saws and scarpers by Lie Nielsen inside. Aside from the absence of Pamela Anderson in a Tool Time T-shirt, it’s pretty much a Do-It-Yourselfer’s fantasy come true.

Ultimate Tool Cabinet by Benchmark 2

Ultimate Tool Cabinet by Benchmark 3

Ultimate Tool Cabinet by Benchmark 4

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