Ultimate Modern Escape Cabin on Airbnb

Jan 25, 2019

Category: Living

Airbnb gets a lot of heat for their business model, but when you see some of their rentals, you can’t help but marvel. This one is a modern cottage tucked away deep in the Canadian forest. It’s equal parts contemporary and classic, surrounded by virgin snow and able to support up to 8 people, it’s the getaway that takes you just far enough from civilization to be isolated, but not uncomfortable.

There’s four beds inside split over a pair of bedrooms, so the sleeping arrangements require a degree of closeness if you’re bringing the entire clan. Cable TV is included, but wireless internet is decidedly not available, since this is meant to be a tranquil retreat for unplugging. You’re also going to need to learn to wash your own clothes, since the closest laundry outlet is several miles away.

Book: $325/Night

Ultimate Modern Escape Cabin on Airbnb 2

Ultimate Modern Escape Cabin on Airbnb 3

Ultimate Modern Escape Cabin on Airbnb 4

Ultimate Modern Escape Cabin on Airbnb 5

Ultimate Modern Escape Cabin on Airbnb 6

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