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These Wireless Earbuds Custom Fit To Your Ear Canal In 60 Seconds Flat

If you’re a fan of lightweight earbuds, but you harbor disdain for their architecture, you’re not alone. Like most, we romanticize the idea of a great-sounding pair of small, in-ear headphones for work, play, exercise, and everything in between. But sometimes, the genre’s most lauded models don’t fit correctly, ruining what would otherwise be a notable listening experience. Now, discomfort and impersonal fitment are about to be notions of the past, thanks to Ultimate Ears’ “Fits” earbuds.

Finding a perfectly-formed earbud can be a difficult task, but thanks to Ultimate Ears’ newest innovation, it’s easier than ever to tailor your headphones to your own anatomy. Instead of relying on pre-formed plastics and materials, the “Fits” feature a set of unique gel-filled tips that respond to embedded LEDs within the headphone, forming to your ear via a 60-second transformation process. The tech behind the innovative earbuds is known as “Lightform technology” — a unique process that transforms (and hardens) the Fits’ material when exposed to a specific spectrum of LED light, creating a perfect seal within the contours of your ear. Of course, the buds are both sweat-proof and water-resistant, support Apt-X Bluetooth, and feature an eight-hour battery life, making them as capable as any other device on the market. Head over to Ultimate Ears’ website to pick up a pair of your own for $200.

Purchase: $200