Ukiyo Readymade Weekender Dutch Oven

The utility of a quality Dutch Oven lies in its simplicity. Using nothing but cast iron, these European-based cooking devices conduct heat from the fire source, slowly cooking and simmering anything from meats to veggies to decadent perfection. This Ukiyo Readymade Weekender Dutch Oven is no different, handmade in Fukuoka, Japan by Yoshida Kigata.

Built from cast iron, each Ukiyo traps steam throughout the cooking process, uniformly cooking everything within the oven to your desired temperature. It works on the indoor range or outdoor grill, in any oven, on any coal embers, or over an open fire at the campsite. The handmade design brings a clean look to an often boring and clunky product and each Readymade comes with the purchase option of a lifter, made from stainless steel and Horween chromexcel leather from Readymade’s hometown of Chicago. The Dutch Oven measures 13.4” x 6.1”, weighs in at 5.3 pounds, and boasts a capacity of 700ml. Available now for $255. [Purchase]