uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler

You want, no, demand your beer is always fresh and cold, but that usually means it can’t come with you as well. But what about your nephew’s 4th grade school play? How will you survive that trainwreck if you’re not sportin’ a toasty buzz as you take your seat? The uKeg can help.

This is a pressurized growler that keeps your beer fresh, it fits in your fridge, and it’s easy and durable for the grab-and-go maneuver. uKeg features a regulator cap that keeps oxygen out, and it uses an 8-gram food-grade CO2 cartridge along with a selector dial to tune in your preferred carbonation level. The double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel container keeps things ice cold, and there’s even a sight glass and pressure gauge to let you see what’s happening inside—which is probably more exciting than that play. [Purchase]

uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler 02

uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler 03