UGOAT Scout Off-Road Camping Trailer

If there’s one group of individuals that would know how to survive an extended off-the-grid stay it’s the U.S Marines. They’re familiar with some of the harshest terrains on Earth and you better believe the armed forces are trained in survival tactics. So it only makes sense that father and son US Marine Corp Veterans Ray and Austin Gore, along with British Royal Marine Commando Jim Fuller would put together the ultimate backcountry, off-road camping trailer.

The UGOAT (which stands for Utility Go-anywhere, Off-road, Camping Trailer) shines with military roots. They’re designed for deep expedition, far off the beaten path of normal car camping. The Scout is their flagship trailer, and as a modular utility trailer boasts a raised roof tent with available second and third level aluminum boxes for additional space and organization. The sleeping platform function keeps your stock Tepui tent (available in two, three, or four-person size) elevated well off the ground, minimizing the area needed for the site while providing you with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.

The UGOAT also boasts its fair share of amenities as well. Available options include a fresh water tank, hot water heater, shower onboard battery, loading ramps, a hammock mounting system, awning and tent annexes, LED backup lights, a steel stove, a toolbox and removable tailgate among many others. It’s also built upon a 1/8-inch steel frame and has 17 inches of ground clearance. Prices vary deepening on customization but start around $15,000. [Purchase]

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