UCO SweetFire Fire Starter

Seattle-based UCO is known for their advanced outdoor lighting gear for campers and adventurers alike. They’ve been in the business since 1971 and show no signs of slowing down. Recently, however, the outdoor brand broke into the market of fire starters and their latest release looks to be quite the assistant in both times of need and leisure.

Dubbed the SweetFire, these little fire starters utilize an environmentally-friendly sugarcane by-product called bagasse. It’s often used as biofuel and is created during the process of extracting sugar from the sugarcane plant. In this instance, UCO has managed to harness this biofuel, utilizing the waste product to help outdoorsmen everywhere get a fire going regardless of the quality of tinder in the area. Their small stature and triangular shape allows them to fit snugly into a standard matchbox and once they’re lit using the striking strip on the box they’ll burn for over 7 minutes. Such a flame will assist in getting a fire going without any problem and since they come in boxes of 20 so you won’t feel bad about using more than one at a time. Once they debut, the UCO SweetFire will retail for $5.99 per box. [Purchase]