Uberpong Thunderbirds Ping Pong Paddle

Uberpong Thunderbirds Ping Pong Paddle 1
Ping Pong’s hipness factor rarely flickers above a 5 (out of 10), and that’s usually only during those amazing Olympic highlights. But dammit, table tennis is fun and intense and deserves better! The first step towards amping up the coolness comes with a tool like Uberpong’s Limited Edition Thunderbirds paddle. Think your opponent will be able to return your serve when he’s transfixed by artist Mike Serafin’s burnt orange bird of doom? No way.

Each Uberpong blade is meticulously made with the highest quality ink, as well as high-quality wood. The company’s orange edgebanding promises a dazzling style to go along with a really great grip, shock absorbency, and thickness. It’s a lightweight and ergonomic paddle that will no doubt be great for spanking your opponent with. And you can take that however you want. [Purchase]