As most of us already know, ride sharing is an easy, relatively cheap, and convenient way to get from place to place without needing to drive wherever you’re headed yourself. But, what happens when you’re visiting an island chain? You’re stuck either paying tremendous amounts of money for a chartered boat or you’re relegated to water taxis and ferries. Or, you could pick up your phone and get an UberBOAT.

Yes, Uber is now offering on-demand boat trips. All you have to do is be within the geographical area in which they are operating – which happens to be off the coast of Croatia, for now – and you can request a boat to take you around the coastal island chain. Admittedly, the area of operation and timeframe is small (June 26th through summer), but $395 for a half-day’s worth of personalized water travel for a group of 8-12 is pretty reasonable when compared to similar services. The app offers full-day outings, as well, for a higher cost.

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