Uber Self Driving Cars by Volvo

It’s finally happened, though we can’t say we’re surprised. Uber and Volvo have teamed up to develop the first autonomous driving cars in the ride sharing world. They recently came to an agreement outlining the project that will work to develop base vehicles that will feature the latest in AD tech with the first batch of vehicles hitting the road in Pittsburgh at the end of the month.

Volvo plans on manufacturing the vehicles at which point Uber will purchase the AD ride sharing SUVs. Combined, each company plans on contributing around $300 million to the project. The project will feature Volvo’s award-winning XC90 SUV as well as the S90 premium and V90 estate trims. Each Uber car also features their own driverless control system catered to the ride-sharing company’s specific needs, along with a multitude of safety features such as an array of sensors, cameras, GPS, radar, laser systems and more so that each Volvo can efficiently drive itself and its passengers to their destination in one piece. The project will also allow for exponential scalability so don’t be surprised if we start seeing more of these on the road in the coming years. [H/T: Bloomberg]

Uber Self Driving Cars By Volvo 2

Uber Self Driving Cars By Volvo 3

Uber Self Driving Cars By Volvo 4