UBCO Utility Bike

Not all electric motorcycles are made equally, and the UBCO Utility Bike is the perfect example of that fact. While most electric bikes are designed for city commutes, this innovative bike is designed for more of an off-road experience.

It’s entirely electric, and therefore there are very low maintenance costs associated with owning one. It’s intended to take on tough terrain, including slippery, muddy and unpaved roads. It has a range of nearly 62 miles on a single charge, thanks to its 40 Ah Li-ion battery. This cycle uses dual electric drives, and is ultra-quiet. It also sports an X shaped frame that is able to hold up to roughly 450 pounds. It also sports an adaptive design, meaning you can customize it to suit your specific needs, thanks to its use of standard nuts and bolts. What’s more, this rugged bike also offers electric power outlets and USB ports for charging your gadgets on the go. [Purchase]

UBCO Utility Bike 2

UBCO Utility Bike 3