UBCO 2×2 Dual-Sport Electric Bike

Last year, the folks at UBCO unveiled an impressive all-electric off-road adventure bike. This year, they took the time to improve on their original design and expand it into an even better dual-sport version – the 2018 2×2.

With its beefy tires, all-terrain suspension, and dual-motors, this bike is still more than rugged enough to handle a trip out on the trails. But it’s also quite city-friendly now, as well. One of the big reasons is an improved performance & range – it can now do up to 74 miles per charge and it has a top speed of just over 30 miles per hour flat-out. You can even track the performance and stats of the bike via the included smartphone app. And you can even charge your phone while riding thanks to the inclusion of USB ports. Best of all, this adventure bike was built to haul you and all your gear, boasting a functional carry capacity of over 440 pounds. Get on one now for $6,999.

Purchase: $6,999