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UAZ’s SGR Combi Expedition Van Was Built To Take On Siberian Snow

Russia’s diverse landscape is home to various off-road pleasantries; rivers, unpaved roads, and snow-covered expanses are all staples of the country’s countryside. Naturally, an outfit of winter-ready vehicles was devised to traverse the area’s rugged outdoor locales, resulting in the famous UAZ lineup, as we know it today. Now, the company’s ultra-durable off-roaders are making a return with the recently-announced SGR Combi Expedition Van.

The UAZ SGR Combi Expedition Van is a gratuitous four-wheel-drive van that was built with one thing in mind: to dominate everything from the roadway to the trail. Within its engine bay, a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder powerplant gifts the rough off-roader with a formidable 111 horsepower, and 146 lb-ft of torque, which might sound like much on the surface. However, should drivers find themselves in peril, the SGR’s locking rear differential, and Spicer axles are put into play, allowing the vehicle to utilize its part-time four-wheel-drive system to traverse adversarial terrain. Gear racks and a roof-ladder on the vehicle’s rear pair with protective skid plates to allow for adaptive overland use, while inside, heated front seats, and water-repellant fabrics complement the Combi’s seven-person capacity. If you’re looking to acquire one of your own, head to UAZ’s website, where the SGR Expedition Van is available for around $15,500+.

Purchase: $15,500+