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U-Boat Worx’s Million-Dollar NEMO Is The Lightest Personal Submarine Ever Built

Exploring the world’s oceans has always been a daunting affair; one made especially difficult by the expense and exclusivity related to underwater platforms. While submarines have never really made their mark on the personal watercraft industry, U-Boat Worx is striving to make our exploratory dreams come true with the newly-announced NEMO — a lightweight, two-seat submersible ready to take consumers to new depths.

The U-Boat Worx NEMO Personal Submarine has undergone thorough and extensive research revolving around its compact, hydrodynamic form, utilizing transparent nosecones, octagonal thruster ducts, a car-like stern, and a fully acrylic pressurized hull to create an underwater vehicle that’s just shy of 2,500 kilograms in weight. As the lightest manned submarine on the market, buyers will be able to transport the NEMO on traditional boat trailers or tow-behinds, allowing them to utilize the vehicle in a variety of waterways. Below the surface, you’ll be able to put the submarine’s wireless underwater comms, flood/spot-lights, and navigation package at speeds of up to three knots, and depths of up to 330 feet, making curious underwater exploration easier than ever. Head to the company’s website to learn more about the $1,060,800+ platform.

Purchase: $1,060,800+