U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarine

Some people spent their childhood dreaming of heading up into the sky. Others could imagine nothing better than diving deep into the sea. The U-Boat Worx Cuirse Series Submarine is for the latter.

This line of submersibles from U-Boat Worx vary from a huge 11-person model that can dive down as deep as 200 meters, to a five person model that has the capability to go 500 meters below the surface. No matter the size, each model is equipped with two large acrylic spheres that allow passengers to get a panoramic view of the world beneath the water. The submarine is also somewhat modular – allowing owners to add on mechanical arms or cameras to record or manipulate objects at depth. And because seatbelts aren’t enough under water, the sub has a number of safety features including a deadman’s switch and a maximum depth protection that prevents the pilot from diving deeper than the vessel can go.

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