Tytocare’s At-Home Medical Kit Lets Doctors Perform Remote Examinations

The connected “smart era” has given rise to an increasing number of at-home wellness and health monitoring devices, with a seemingly endless array of gadgets to track your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, etc. But a recent technological breakthrough has allowed for an even-more cutting-edge system that introduces a bevy of diagnostic options that can be used remotely by real doctors from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Built by Tytocare, the new product — simply dubbed the “TytoHome Remote Exam Kit” — boasts a 3.35″ touchscreen, wifi-connectivity, and a number of attachments including an otoscope for ears, a stethoscope for heart, lung, and abdomens, a basal thermometer, and digital camera for viewing skin and throats. The device then pairs with a conferencing app that connects the user to board-certified doctors that can remotely view the results of the diagnostics and then make the subsequent recommendations or even call in a necessary prescription. This ultimately means you can be seen by a doctor on days when you’re feeling under the weather, without even having to get out of bad — not to mention it will put an end to having to drag sick kids to the pediatrician.

Purchase: $300