Twisted Customizes And Electrifies The Classic Land Rover Defender 4×4

Not too long ago, we put a spotlight on Twisted Automotive — a bespoke automotive builder that’d taken a liking to Land Rover’s lauded Defender platform. While the company’s NA-V8 is undeniably unique, the brand has been hard at work developing something a bit more contemporary for its fans. Now, the veil has been removed from its next limited-run project — the NAS-E Electric Defender.

The NAS-E is a love letter to Land Rover’s iconic short-wheelbase soft-top 90. One look at Twisted’s electrified platform should be enough to make most Defender aficionados wry with envy, but there’s an even greater story behind the limited-run collection. With a focus on various adventure-savvy locales within the United States — including Malibu, Yosemite, and Tahoe — the brand has decided to produce only 30 of each series. The first, Twisted’s “California” edition, takes on a direct-drive electric power system, a 4WD gear reduction direct transmission, and a range of up to 200+ miles per charge. As a result, it boasts around 214 brake-horsepower, as well as 280 lb-ft of torque, complementing its performance-focused, galvanized chassis, NAS Roll Cage, and luxurious interior. Head to Twisted’s website to learn more about the SUV.

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