Twelve South MagicBridge

Whether they admit it or not, one of the big reasons people buy Macs is simply because of how damn good they look. Just gaze at that thing sitting in front of you on your desk. You may not know a whole lot about how it works compared to other computers, but you sure as hell know that it is well designed. Well, now thanks to Twelve South’s MagicBridge, the famously sleek Mac aesthetic can be extended out onto your other Mac devices.

This thing fits both your wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 right into one clean bar. Instead of having both float around with no real rhyme or reason, the MagicBridge keeps it well organized and in one place. One of the best parts about this piece is that in addition to keeping all of your gear better put together, it features slots for easy insertion of charging cables so you won’t have to pry them out once you get that monthly ‘battery low’ notification. No worries either if you are a lefty. The MagicBridge can flip around depending on user preference. Prices are set at just $35. [Purchase]