Tvan MK4 Camper Trailer

Almost 16 years ago Track Trailer launched their Tvan Camper Trailer. Since then, there’s been nothing but positive reviews for their little modular trailer. And their latest iteration, known as the MK4, is about ready to be released after rigorous testing in the Australian Outback and several performance upgrades.

Each MK4 Camper Trailer offers both the standard sleeping area along with a deployable tent that doubles the living space. It fits a Queen sized mattress, a fabric lined roof to insulation, large storage area under the cabin and the bed, large tinted privacy glass, a 108L water tank, two kitchen options, and the whole thing sets up in less than five minutes. It’s also fully customizable to your specific needs, hosts an interior command console that fully integrates all electrical options into one organized package, and comes with a sail awning to provide additional shade on those hot afternoons. Each trailer is made in Australia and comes with a 5-year suspension and chassis warranty. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Track Trailer in order to gauge which option best suits their needs. Pricing is available upon request. [Purchase]

Tvan MK4 Camper Trailer 3

Tvan MK4 Camper Trailer 2

Tvan MK4 Camper Trailer 4

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