TUSK Ultimate Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel

The TUSK all-purpose survival tool from MMTH Gear and Rotation Design may not be the tool of tomorrow, but it’s perfect for the day after tomorrow. Quoting a physicist’s prophecy of an incipient ice age, this strange tool is pitched as an indispensable item for the ecological crisis that we have wrought. Escape eschaton with the TUSK Ultimate Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel.

With snowmaggedon so proximal, the TUSK is an essential tool. The TUSK has a number of features built into its deceptively small frame. Obviously, there’s the snow shovel – but there’s also a retractable steel digging spade for all terrains, extra wide scraper sheath to brush off your car, along with durable elastomer wipers – plus, it’s wieldy and ergonomic, thanks to the patented powergrip handle platform. Forged from an impact resistant, lightweight chassis, the TUSK is also useful just in case the apocalypse comes before climate change precipitates it, and you’re forced to spear a few zombies in their desiccated heads. In all semi-seriousness, the TUSK is the adventure tool you never knew you needed. Whether you live in snow country or a land of sand, you’re going to dig this all-in-one super shovel.

Kickstarter: $55+