The 950HP Tushek TS 900 Is The World’s Lightest Hybrid Hypercar

Hitting the scene in 2012 with a 450-horsepower coupe, the Slovenian hypercar manufacturer made some noise in the world of gearheads. Now they’re back in the spotlight with a beast dubbed the Tushek TS 900 Hybrid Hypercar.

Powering the hybrid speed demon are two electric motors at the front wheels and one 4.2-liter rear-mounted V8 with an added compressor, delivering 950 horsepower and a massive 1,032 lb-ft of torque. According to Tushek, it’s the lightest hybrid hypercar, weighing-in at 3,108 pounds. It can blast off to 60 mph in a scorching 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 236 mph. The hypercar sits on race-ready Pirelli Trofeo Series R tires with Brembo brakes and features a beautiful carbon-fiber body along with scissor doors and a removable hardtop. And the Tushek team created a revolutionary set of systems inside the two-seater, connecting the car with the driver. You can see the stunning Tushek TS 900 at the Salon Price Concours on September 7th, but there are no announcements on release date or price yet.

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