Turtlebacker Flatbed Camper Trailer

Usually when we cover rooftop tents, all of the focus is on the type and quality of the tent itself. This new release from Turtleback, however, changes that dynamic up in a serious way. Introducing the Turtlebacker Flatbed Trailer.

Not only does this trailer feature a top of the line rooftop tent complete with water tank, 6-gallon water heater, shower, slide out kitchen, and solar ready electronics package – but a platform large enough to haul all of your toys. The base package provides ample room to carry offload vehicles like ATVs, Dual Sports, 2-Door Rock Crawlers, Motorcycles, UTVs and more. That all means that you can spend a week in the desert or deep in the woods doing little more than tooling around on your motor vehicles. If there is a better way to spend your free time, let us know. Until then, we’ll be pining after this American-built trailer.

Purchase: $ 26,995