Turtleback Off-Road Trailer

Bring your home with you whenever you head into the great outdoors with the Turtleback Off-road Trailer. Any outdoorsman can attest to the freedom of the outdoors alongside the everyday struggles that go along with camping in remote areas. Turtleback founder and creator Dave Munsterman realized these issues and developed these full-featured camping units to supplement any expedition.

Each unit, composed of a bomb-proof steel frame, features a stainless steel full kitchen on top, a 42-gallon fresh water tank with commercial-grade pump and LPG water heater, 50 cu ft of built-in storage and finished off in birch. To top everything off, each unit is handmade and customized in the U.S. to accommodate any adventure. So for those interested in roughing it without compromising safety and comfort, be sure to check out these off-road trailers. Base price starts at $17,495. [Purchase]

The Turtleback Off-Road Trailer 1

The Turtleback Off-Road Trailer 3

The Turtleback Off-Road Trailer 4