Tuff Truck Bag

Trucks are some of the most useful vehicles out there. You can easily load all you need in the back without having to worry about flipping seats down or making multiple trips – but rainy days can make having an un-covered truck bed complicated. Sure, you can move cargo, but they’ll get soaked – that is, unless you have the Tuff Truck Bag on hand.

Made with a thick and high quality waterproof material that has been fused together at the seams, you can now use your truck in the rain without any worries. This thing can carry a whole lot – it has up to 26 cubic feet of interior space for hauling around cargo, and can easily roll up into its own bag for when the sun decides to show up. To make sure it doesn’t slide around in the back – the bag also comes with heavy duty rings that’ll secure all four corners to your truck bed. Each bag retails for about $170. [Purchase]

Truck Bag 0

Truck Bag 2