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This Bike Tube Is So Tough, It Comes With A 1-Year Warranty Against Punctures

Punctures are a bike tire’s greatest foe, and it’s long been the dream of cyclists to have access to a tire that won’t go flat after a run-in with a sharp object. Well, that day may finally have arrived thanks to Tubolito and their new X-Tubo City/Tour bike tube.

Billed as the world’s toughest bike tube, the Tubolito X-Tubo City/Tour was created with the goal of being impervious to punctures. To meet their goal, the Tubolito team tested out numerous material prototypes by driving them over thorns, shattered glass, thumbtacks, barbed wire, and even protruding nails until they found a material that could withstand all that punishment. It was from this newly-developed material that Tubolito crafted the X-Tubo City/Tour inner tube, a tube that is warrantied against punctures for an entire year after purchase. The X-Tubo City/Tour is intended for city and touring bikes and is available for 700c tires from 30mm-50mm in a 40 mm Schrader or 42mm Sclaverand valve setup. It is priced at $25.

Purchase: $25