Troy-Bilt TB2MB Jet Leaf Blower

OK, so your neighbor won the battle of the summer ’14 with that $6,000 stainless steel grill; tip your hat to him. But the arrival of fall means the title of Block King is once again up for grabs, and Troy-Bilt’s new TB2MB Jet mixed-flow gas leaf blower might be the way to do it.

With its specially-engineered mixed-flow fan, this yardmaster can turn out wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour, but Troy-Bilt says mph is not the full story here. When it comes to ranking leaf blowers, what really counts is the volume of air it can push, and the TB2MB Jet releases an industry-leading 650 cubic feet every minute. That means heavy leaves and light mammals will be justly thrown from your yard into your neighbor’s, and victory, at least for this season, will be yours. [Purchase]