Trove Coin Cryptocurrency Wrist Wallet

With cryptocurrencies becoming the hottest investment of the last six months, it may be time to make the vault from traditional coin enclosures to something a more “with the times.” Keep your crypto-knowledge – and your bank account – up to date, by keeping an ear to the grindstone with the Trove Coin cryptocurrency wallet.

This Trove Coin is a stealthy, blacked out wallet apposite of a currency with “crypt” in its name. Think encryption – the Trove Coin purports to be unhackable. On the other hand, one feature that makes the wrist wallet so alluring is its ease of accessibility. Research indicates that a large amount of bitcoin is left unclaimed as a result of lost passwords. Small fortunes sit in bitcoin accounts, accumulating cyber-dust as a result of a preventable mistake. The Trove Coin obviates that risk with a biometric authentic system that allows one to send and receive crypto currencies without an alphabetical or numeric password. A corresponding mobile app lets wearers track their currencies as they inevitable shift with the vicissitudes of consumer whimsy. A USB-C capable inductive charger allows a user to plop the Coin down on its charging pad and walk way, knowing that their digital cash is safe.

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