Ditch The Headlamp For This 4,900-Lumen Hands-Free Flashlight

We’ve got nothing against headlamps; they’re a tried-and-true hands-free flashlight alternative. But they do have their drawbacks. Namely, you have to keep your head pointed down the path and they can only have as much power as your skull can carry (which isn’t a lot). The Tronex, however, features all the benefits of a headlamp and does away with their drawbacks tenfold.

The bulk of the Tronex resides in a disc-shaped housing (not unlike those from Disney’s Tron) — including its massive 13,600 mAh battery that’s good for 24 hours of operation. And that disc attaches to your person via an auto-retracting seatbelt that never needs to be adjusted to fit. From the disc also protrudes two LED antennae, each operable at the push of a button for a combined output of 700-4,900 lumens across four different modes. And it can even charge your smartphone with its extra battery power. Good for any weather and with the ability to survive even extreme conditions, the Tronex is the ideal high-performance wearable flashlight for nighttime commuters, backcountry explorers, and everyone in-between. It’s available on Kickstarter now starting at $94.

Kickstarter: $94+