Trobla Wooden Amplifier For Smartphones

Too many times we’ve seen (and heard) this tragic scene play out: a guy or girl, desperate to get some tunes going at a party, actually tries to fill the room with music via their phone. Eesh. Instead, maybe they should look into the Trobla, a wooden amplifier for smartphones.

Yes, you read that right; in this world where aircraft grade aluminum is used for cereal bowls, the creative team at Tok Tok Furniture has tapped into nature itself for assistance with our cutting edge calling devices. There’s no battery, no cord, and no shortage of looks you’ll get when you slide your phone into the Trobla (the Slovenian word for “horn”) and the volume jacks up. Tok Tok says they used a cone to “keep tones sharp and created a special chamber to enhance the stereophony and low frequencies.” The Trobla works with all iPhone models, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and many other phones. [Purchase]

Trobla Wooden Amplifier For Smartphones 2

Trobla Wooden Amplifier For Smartphones 3