TRIX Portable Power Strip

Sharing – as we’ve heard – is caring. And what’s more caring in 2015 than sharing your power? Nothing. TRIX is a portable power strip designed for portability, versatility, and yes, benevolence.

This four-sided puck isn’t meant to be hidden away though; the designers say TRIX is more than stylish enough to warrant a spot on your desk, with three AC outlets and dual USB charging ports ready to spread the juice around. Since it’s the size of your palm, it’s more than ready for a trip in your briefcase or backpack. Early bird backers on Kickstarter can grab one now for $35, or pay $70 and get a TRIX and a universal converter, so you’re ready to power up in any country. Choose from white, red, or black. [Purchase]

TRIX Portable Power Strip 2

TRIX Portable Power Strip 3

TRIX Portable Power Strip 04